By way of SF Citizen we hear the news that as of August 4th, McAllister will be a two way street (again). As we’ve mentioned before, in the 1950’s, the Tenderloin streets were wholesale converted in to downtown boulevards for through traffic to other neighborhoods. This didn’t turn out so well for the neighborhood, especially the fact that idiot drivers collide on such streets as McAllister because well, one-way streets allow them to get up to speeds that exceed their inherent intelligence.

We’re really happy to see this and hope that the other streets will soon follow. Also, SF Citizen swears that it’s an easier bike ride out to the panhandle by using McAllister to Divisadero. Seeing as how we at Tender HQ have just picked up some new bikes from Bamboo Bike Studio (they do more than bamboo), we are anxious to test this out. Anyone have any opinion on The McDiv vs. The Wiggle?