Upon coming back from Powell Station at 9:30 tonight, I found it in a locked-down state and swarming with cops in full gear who told me that it was due to “a protest crowd and idiots throwing rocks”. The situation up top on Market wasn’t much better as the police had blocked off Cyril Magnin, too. As I reached Ellis, I found out why that street was blocked off: a crowd of about 100 protesters were ringing three corners of the intersection with a line of cops completely at the ready in riot gear on the other side. In the center (as you can see above) were three kids sitting–it looked almost like a protest “campfire”.

This apparently was all a continuation of the previous protests about the shooting of Charles Blair Hill at the Civic Center BART station nearly two and a half weeks ago which were further exacerbated by the shooting of Kenneth Wade Harding, a Washington state felon on parole and wanted for questioning in a killing, who was shot and killed in the Bayview after he had shot at the police.