KRON screen capture by Bluoz

For those of you who don’t know the Bluoz blog, you should. While we screw around, “reporting” on random street art and food in the hood, Jeff goes out and digs in to the sloppy mess of things that make this neighborhood have the problems that it does (often documenting those very problems with a webcam first-hand).

Case in point is one of his latest articles that goes on at length about just how blatantly wrong, Randy Shaw and company’s “most violent block” claim is. But, why would they bother to make this claim in the first place:

The only reason why this report was made is because the Central City SRO Collaborative recently moved to 27 Turk and now Randy Shaw’s organization is suddenly aware of crime, because now they have to actually see it with their own eyes.

The fact, is, the CCSRO has been actively campaigning against the police and development for a very long time, so it’s extremely hypocritical for them to be suddenly aware of crime now in 2011.

Furthermore, the claims that dealers come from across the bay on BART is also misleading, when many of the criminals come from within their own SRO housing, which has also been ignored by the same CCSRO for a very long time. The fact is that while some dealers come from Bayview, Potrero Hill, Fillmore, many dealers are based in the Tenderloin itself, and are housed there, for example, Hospitality House at 290 Turk.

We knew something smelled funny in the explosion of that story in the media, but we simply complained about it. Instead, Jeff then went back through the police crime archive (the same one Randy & co used to write their report) to actually look at all of 2010 and not cherry pick data to support a ridiculous claim.

It turns out that while that block on Turk has it’s (large) share of problem, it isn’t the most violent. That dubious honor goes to, *drumroll*, the first block of 6th Street (that one’s not so surprising), followed by the 1000 block of Potrero Avenue (this one is actually more surprising, as that’s where SF General Hospital is), and then the 800 block of Market Street (where Nordstrom and the Cable Car turnaround are). There you have it.

We’re all quite pissed about this as it just shows that when the media see “Tenderloin” and “crime” they run with it, fact checking nothing. You should have a look and see that the only people to try and attack what Jeff has put up are directly involved with the THC/CCSROC groups and/or are suited up campaign photographers.

Nice work, Jeff. As always, a tip of the hat to you.