On the Dottie’s closing article we made the allusion to the fact we’d heard unconfirmed rumor the space might be taken over by a nearby bar group. Some folks ran with this in other articles and unfortunately, due to some over-zealous spam filtering (I sell c1al1s and pr0n in my spare time), I only heard back from both the general manager and one of the owners today who told me that they are absolutely in no way taking over the Dottie’s space. They emphasized that they have never had any dealings or contact with the landlord of that building, and are “very, very disappointed to hear that Dottie’s will be relocating” as they’ve been a “great neighbor across the street.” Like all of us, they’re also hoping Dottie’s will find find another space in the neighborhood.

As was noted in the comments of the previous post, this makes sense as a) it’s too small for a bar and b) NIMBYs in the hood are still bugging the crap out folks who have anything to do with liquor and/or food service. Lastly, there’s also the fact that the gang Destination Bars has their hands full with the Mister Lew’s renovation which, if you didn’t know will be about three times bigger than it currently is when they’re done. Oh, and now they have movie nights (and free popcorn) on Wednesdays to keep increasing their awesomeness.