There’s a cool new(ish) mural on Jones at Ellis that we spotted last week when going to have a drink at Mr Lew’s. Titled ‘We are humans‘, it’s not a painted mural but a set of three vinyl panels with a futuristic theme. It’s the work of TW Five, “the mastermind collaboration of a Brazilian and a Swedish artist, both living in the US”, who had a show last November at the Luggage Store Gallery and are now repeating their collaboration with them on this street piece.

TW Five say on their website that “together they intermix their own take on their opposite cultures and turn their ideas and thoughts into life size vinyl murals and installations. This is the saga about what happens when south intertwines with north and a new hybrid of the ‘between’ occurs”.

By the way, we realized we never really featured the mural that was replaced by ‘We are humans’ (except partially here) because it was a bit, um, ugly. But still, we liked the message, so we’ve rescued some photos of it from our photo archives so it can be remembered.