David Williams of Hooker's Sweet Treats (SF Chronicle)

Back during the whole Little Bird drama, we were contacted by CW Nevius of the Chronicle for any background information. We didn’t really have much to give, but stayed in contact until at one point, he saw that we were quite passionate about the neighborhood and thus suggested giving him a tour of our favorite spots around the Tenderloin. We did this just recently and the result ended up being this article: “Tenderloin gets trendy, apparently on the way up“.

Obviously, for those of you who live or spend time here, the neighborhood is quite different from block to block and yes, some of them are not the greatest to hang around (like the ones around Taylor and Turk or Jones and Golden Gate) — but there’s no need to just “stay above Ellis”. If you read the print edition, you’ll see that the title is instead, “The Trendy Tendernob”. We’re assuming that was some higher up editorial decision as Brenda’s and most all other the businesses mentioned: Jebena, Jones, and Hooker’s are most definitely not in the Tendernob (or Tenderloin Heights depending on how you roll), but I guess they thought the words Tenderloin and trendy together were too hard to handle.

Naturally, due to the length of the article, a great many fantastic places were left out (like Little Saigon, the North African businesses owners busting their asses, and all of the art galleries, which we had showed him). Also overlooked is the greater issue of the homeless industry which has tirelessly worked to keep the neighborhood eternally depressed and certain blocks soaked in bodily fluids. Still, as we quickly saw in walking around, Nevius –like many other people in this town– had never set foot in this area (he lives on the water side of SOMA) and so, being able to show a different view, other than the one that Shaw & Co. want everyone to see is pretty much the reason we started this site in the first place.

Let us know what you think of the article. Anyone think we should start doing more of these tours?