In the 500 block of Jones, between Geary & O’Farrell, a new “Halal Grill” will be opening up. That would just be the temporary name for it at the moment as they apparently haven’t finalized their branding, despite the owner, Ali (also a butcher at our favorite meat shop around the corner, Salama Halal) stating that they’ll be opening up in two weeks. As is usually the case, we’ll see if this opening date happens given that the health department in this town seems to care less about issuing permits than just about anything else (in NYC, a business is allowed to open with a “permits pending” status as they actually seem to get that you can’t leave a business in limbo forever).

As a fan of grilling meat and then eating it, I welcome this new restaurant as you can never have too many of such establishments. Especially as Dottie’s will be closing soon and leaving an empty space across the street (although a few doors up another new place is in the works, more to come soon). We’ve heard that landlords in both the 500 and 400 blocks of Jones literally see this strip as a “goldmine” which translates in to “fuck you, pay my idiotic rents because I think that this is still Union Square, or, leave”.

Obviously, “Halal Grill” will not be serving any pork, which is always a bummer, but on the plus side, they’re apparently going to have back patio seating as well as front seating unless of course someone has a problem with that. Just in case you’re wondering why I’m super pessimistic about all this, it’s because we keep hearing from no end of businesses in the area who are dealing with no end of crap from NIMBYs and bureaucracy-at-large every time they try to do anything. Honestly, I don’t understand how anyone actually gets something off the ground in this town these days and I wish “Halal Grill” the best of luck.

We will stay abreast of all this potential grilling news and fill you in as the tasty story develops.