For some time, it’s been known that Cala Foods at Hyde & California was going to depart at the end of December. I’ve never thought of it as a big loss given that if you hold your breath while shopping in Cala late at night, you can actually hear an ambient sadness emanating. And to be honest, despite being cheap looking, it isn’t actually cheap shopping. Whole Foods, just up California is just 5-10% more on basic items, or at least it was when I swore off Cala on the soul my mother.

Today it was announced that Trader Joe’s will be taking over the Cala location in 2012. This, is mighty fine news. I’d rather that they were taking over the old movie theater at the corner of Sutter & Van Ness as it was previously rumored, but I’ll take what I can get and this is apparently what we are to get. And honestly, while my neighbor will heavily disagree with me, I’ve fucking hated that ugly Cala building ever since the first day I bought a bag of flavorless tomatoes there, so I hope it goes as well.

Of course, the question to ask is, “Will this be that almighty Tenderloin grocery store that will allow us all to live in ‘dignity’?” The answer to that is no, that store already exists (in a much smaller scale) the form of California Produce on Polk between Geary & O’Farrell. There you have a nice, neighborhood store where tons of locals shop because they stock good food at good prices for the other five days a week when you can’t get to Heart of the City Farmers’ Market which is now live chicken-shit free.

Will I shop at this new Trader Joe’s? Oh yeah because not only I love their affordable cheese section, but it’s also one of the few places that our loyal commenter, “nutjob” and I can get our ajvar fix short of going out to the Richmond…