This morning I spent a few hours standing by the UN Plaza listening to Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” looped 6,000 times while watching the Pride Parade wedged between an opportunistic dry humping creep and a giggling Latino family. I then followed the music to the Civic Center (which smelled glorious thanks to a beautiful display of BBQ stands) and ended up at home blasted all the way to the tune of disco music. Just before taking a nap I realized I had over a couple hundred photos, a ridiculous t-shirt tan and several crappy necklaces made of shiny beads. There must be an entire city in China making plastic beads for this country’s many parades and celebrations.

I had the impression that this year there were a lot of doggies looking to be adopted, less elaborate floats and more politicians in campaign mode barely making an effort to wear anything Pride-related. Take Jane Kim for instance (our favorite supervisor to pick on because we like easy targets), not only did she look hungover and like she’d just stuffed a quiche in her face, but she was wearing a boring white dress and beige sandals while encircled by a sad entourage of about five lackeys supporters. Although the prize for most boring supervisorial outfit had to be Scott Wiener, dressed like he was going to the office (although he had a whole bunch of people marching with him). When you’re as tall as him, I guess you wear whatever fits and is clean.

Otherwise the drag queens were (as usual) the most glamorous and better dressed people, the SFPD and fire department marchers got the most applause, the leather gang got photographed the most, and the Google Legion had the coolest t-shirts. We always find the same-sex parents marching with their children cute, as well as the couples who’ve been together for decades showing their love. But we particularly enjoyed the marchers in support of Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, which were quite a large number by the way. Now if only there was a Chinese Marching Band to play during this parade like the way the Gay Marching Band plays during the Chinese New Year Parade…

For those who missed the fun, here are a couple of photos for you. We hope you had a great weekend and are making sure to moisturize after all the sun or, well, whatever else you got.