This week was not a good one for those commuting through downtown. There were a couple of incidents, including a woman getting winged by a bus at Market and Seventh and then a collision at Market and Ninth. Naturally, when this happens it knocks all the Muni transportation offline and people either get to sit and wait it out or take a walk.

It hasn’t bothered me that much as I’ve been on strike from Muni since January as I find that the system is failed and that I can get anywhere less than three miles away faster by walking. But for those who do have to take it, this is crap. It goes in to the argument that I’ve stood by for a long time in that San Francisco really needs more underground (or elevated) metro lines to serve it.

For some reason whenever I propose non-street level routes to run down Geary as well as in a Downtown Loop route that does Van Ness, maybe Mission, and Embarcadero, people look at me with hate in their eyes. It’s like I’ve spit on their grandmother or something. This is of course followed by “oh yeah, that will never happen so shut up”. Why? Why can’t we plan for this? Yeah, I know, it will cost a fortune, but having a functioning society costs something and San Francisco isn’t getting smaller–quite the contrary which is why they’re building Central Subway as they see a huge pile of growth coming about in SOMA.

We still need more lines because can it really be the case that whenever a pigeon farts in an inclement way on Market Street that the entire transportation system grinds to a halt? That may be how you run a small town, but an actual city, no way.