We first heard about it from Tender reader Ike on June 1st, and from a couple of other people since, but today we actually managed to confirm it with the owner, Kurt: yes, Dottie’s True Blue Cafe, “Home of the Infinite Line”, will indeed be moving. Bummer. As it is sadly the case with good neighborhood businesses, it appears it’s due to a rent dispute with the owner (ie rent increase).

Kurt didn’t mention it, but we got (unconfirmed) word from Tender reader Ryan that the owners of a certain fancy bar on a nearby corner are looking to take over the space. This doesn’t make much sense as a) getting a new liquor license on a space is painful (as we assume that the Dottie’s space doesn’t have one) and b) that space is way too small to house any kind of bar. We tried to contact those affiliated with the bar, but until now we haven’t gotten a reply, so take this all with one big fat grain of salt for the moment. Update: And it turns out that the salt was well-taken

As for the future of Dottie’s, Kurt said that they are indeed trying to stay in the neighborhood. This is proving difficult, though, as getting building owners of vacant spaces to call him back isn’t happening. We’ve encountered this ourselves and are pretty much convinced that, especially in this area, there are countless owners who are dishonestly speculating with their space. They leave them vacant for years (while they become magnets for all sorts of “street activity”), waiting around in this asinine belief that huge rents are just around the corner. Mr. Mayor, Board of Supervisors, can we get a blight tax please?

Some of the other unconfirmed rumors we had heard said that Dottie’s was planning to move way up to the “OMG! Like, ya know” neighborhood, also known as Union Street. Again, this appears to just be a rumor given that Kurt is still looking for a new space. We’ll see how time plays out, but needless to say, we ain’t thrilled about the prospects of losing a beloved business from the neighborhood. Even though we’ve never been huge fans of their huge lines, we do love their solid breakfast offerings and friendly service regardless of how busy they are.

(Dottie’s True Blue Cafe by em ma, from The Tender Flickr pool)