So, have you submitted photos for the next 200 Yards show yet? No? Well, the deadline is June 30th so you’d better get on it.

Of course, if you wanted to a bit more social about capturing the actual 200 yards around Cafe Royale you could join us, your Tender authors and fellow Loin lovers to walk about Tenderloin Heights, Academy Downs, the Post-Up, and the Gimlet to capture shots for submission to the show that happens August 4th (in conjunction with TenderNights!).

We’re going to be doing the photo walk this Sunday, June 19th at 5PM. Since the epicenter for this 200 Yards edition is Cafe Royale, well, we’ll start and end there. Just come along with your photo rig whether it be your phone or $10,000 Hasselblad, and enjoy the stroll.

If everyone gets along we might even be tempted to grab a couple of drinks after, and listen to some (free) live jazz music starting at 7PM.