As was seen at one of our favorite Vietnamese grocery shops, Tuong Phong Market, they had placed a Run Ed Run sign, surreptitiously above the green Brillo pads in what must be a salute to Mayor Mustache. For those unawares, there has been a grassroots campaign (which Ed Lee swears he’s not fertilizing) to get him to run for mayor come November. You can read more about it at or just stumble upon all of these popping up around the Loin.

It does depend a great deal on who enters the race in the next couple of months, but if they continue to suck as they have, I might very well write in Ed for mayor simply to reward him for the fact he’s the first non-jackass to be in office in decades. Of course, then again, maybe I won’t, as we gear up for the 2011 San Francisco Special Olympics of which no one will most likely win (TaglineTip NC Ladies).