I will not lie to you, my fridge sucks, sucks big. It keeps freezing up and I don’t really know what to do with this ice blocking the cold thing at the top of it. Do I use a hair dryer to fix that? Do I need to unplug it for a day? Any ideas?

I’d just toss this POS except that I don’t really feel like going out and getting my own fridge given that the building owns and thus (in theory) fixes this one. But it appears that for those who are in the market for a fridge, especially a used one, it is your time to shine. Those guys above were hauling that thing off of a 38 all the while giggling “Shit’s gonna be so cold now! No more warm ice cream, brah!” They then high-fived each other, dropped the fridge and started crying (ok, that last part might not be an accurate description of how the scene went…).

On a different, yet most likely related day, a couple of days later we saw this mofo for a mere $10 down at Le Marché. $10! And no, it wasn’t the same fridge the brahs were carrying above. If you were quick to act (really quick), I heard that they would even throw in a set of used pork cutlets to go with it. What a pillar of the free market that Marché!