It appears we have a new spot opening in the neighborhood at 520 Leavenworth called, “Hot Cafe”. If you glance inside through the gated window (as we did to take the crappy picture below), you’ll see an explosion of hot pink which is what we’re guessing makes for the name. We hope they won’t be serving on pink plates as well, although we can’t be certain. When we called them this morning we just asked about their opening date, and they told us they’re hoping for the 19th pending (wait for it, no, seriously, we’ll all be waiting for it) the city health inspection.

This space was Cafe Zoet for a good long time until they closed a couple of years back and has been empty since then. Part of the reason for this is that the building was owned by that large property group which collapsed. During all this time, this really awesome space was checked out by Hooker’s and a number of other would-be tenants including yours truly at The Tender who had designs on a cafe of sorts. The problem is that the property managers wanted the new tenant to pay out about $13,000 in basic space renovation (the electric and plumbing were serious turd). Sure, they would apply that to a rent credit, but that’s a pretty steep sum for a new business to come up with, in addition to all the other new business costs.