A couple of weeks ago we told you about ArtPad, a cool art fair happening in the Phoenix Hotel. Back then the weather was sunny (sigh), so we spent there the best part of all three days the fair was taking place. And we had a blast (mainly due to the gorgeous pool).

We participated in a couple of panel discussions on street art and photography, we enjoyed live music and drinks by the pool, met several interesting people and, of course, got to enjoy some of the best art from about 30 galleries temporarily installed inside the rooms of the hotel. We particularly enjoyed Alexis Laurent’s sculpture ‘Dandelions’, an arrangement of air plant sculptures suspended above the swimming pool (of which the photo above is part of), as well as Jeremiah Jenkins performance in full ‘industrial’ samurai attire. We also found the wallpapered trash cans in the parking lot quite cute (they were part of the wallpapered dumpsters series by C Finley, “an inquiry into waste, free art, and notions of femininity, beauty and domesticity”). We giggled with this piece, and got a temporary tatto with this machine.

There was a lot of fun art that we enjoyed, though. So for those who weren’t able to attend, we just posted some pictures of our favorite pieces on Flickr. Check it out (better late than never, right?).