As we reported here, back in November farm:table applied through the Pavement to Parks program to bring a “parklet” to the front of their establishment after the huge success of the one they had installed for Park(ing) Day. Shortly after that, we learned that Bamboo Bike Studio (also on Post) and Quetzal Coffee on Polk had applied for parklets as well. Now, several months later and after a lot of paperwork, all of them have been granted permits but only one of them has finally seen the light of day.

The parklet in front of Quetzal has now been open to the public for a bit less than a week, after building it over a weekend with prefab sections. It’s nothing amazing, but it still looks pretty cool. And in spite of the ever-changing weather, we’ve seen people enjoying it every time we passed by Polk and Fern.

It may not look like it, but apparently a parklet isn’t exactly cheap. With a price tag of $5,000 minimum, plus maintenance costs, it’s quite an expense. And while the folks over at the Bamboo Bike Studio are planning to do all construction in their workshop, farm:table is in need of doing a little fundraising before getting it out there.

That’s why they’re organizing an Art Auction at Silverman Gallery on Sunday, from 7 to 10pm, hosted by La Monistat. You can score some cool artwork from Tender friends such as Jason Permenter (designer of the Tenderloin Coffee Crawl poster), Rocky Villanueva, Jeremy Novy and many more. Don’t miss out if you’d like to see more parklets in the TenderNob! And hey, no parklet-napping, okay?

And for those wanting to see even more parklets pop up, you can apply for a parklet permit until June 16th via the Pavement to Parks program.