There is apparently a new healthy bottled tea drink in town called, Sokenbicha (unsweetened, zero calories, etc). And they’re going to be putting on an event, Saturday June 25th over in that Union Square thing of Tenderloin East called, Seren-i-Tea in the Square. Designed to help you “achieve balance from within”, it will include yoga as well as a meditation session led by Mallika Chopra, daughter of famed health guru Deepak Chopra (you can read more details about the event, and register, on their site).

We do love tea and consider ourselves tea nerds, but why are we telling you about this? Their people contacted our people (us!) about putting out some VIP invites for our readers. While registration for the event is free and open to the public, this VIP group will get set up with cool swag bags containing: a t-shirt, Sokenbicha products, a yoga mat, a Manduka towel and a Yala PashBu scarf, plus a $50 Whole Foods gift card.

If you’re sitting there and thinking, “Pfft, this hippie business ain’t for me” then don’t do anything and miss out (we’ll still love, don’t worry, or hate you if that’s what you prefer). If you’re sitting there and thinking, “I wouldn’t happen to mind that bag of goodness” then you just have to follow Sokenbicha on Twitter, ‘like’ them on Facebook, and report back here by way of a comment before Friday June 10th. That day we’ll randomly pick a group of you to get in on this, and hang out with us on a Saturday afternoon in Union Square (we’re as excited as you are). Do it by Friday 10th at noon, though, or you will be left thirsty, sitting without a mat, cold from lack of scarf, and having to pay cash for those Whole Foods groceries that you could have had for free.