If you were anywhere near Civic Center/UN Plaza or Little Saigon on Saturday, you most definitely saw the huge Asian Heritage street celebration. In between some events at ArtPad, we checked it out briefly just so we could snap a few pictures. So here’s our mini photo recap for those who missed it or want to fill us in on where Frank Chu was as he seemed MIA at the event.

In spite of the wind, that we saw knocking down a few otherwise solidly planted stands, the crowds came out. Many of them were probably called by the delicious barbecue smells coming out of the food area or the shock of an event actually being based anywhere near Civic Center (also, admission to the Asian Art Museum was free).

We were very happy to see the guys from Happy Dumplings. Their delicious homemade dumplings we had missed since they moved out of the neighborhood in February.

As is always the case with this kinds of events, Mayor Ed Lee and his mustache made an appearance. After watching a performance by some Buddhist monks and some singing by the pretty ladies in the picture, they both posed for the photographers in their usual smile harmony. David Chiu kept closing his eyes while photos were being snapped which is strange as from what we hear he has no soul to fear the camera stealing from him.

Although there were lots of different volunteer booths asking for people to sign up, the emptiest of all was the one by the Californian Republican Party (they seemed nice, though). Maybe a good cheese plate or “Kick Arnold in the sack” game might have livened things up for them.

Free Burma awareness for the pop corn eaters. Yes, there is a connection. Read The Smoking Gun. We’re sure it’s in there somewhere as well as the real end of the world.

I’m still trying to figure out this sign from the Lyndon LaRouche PAC. Most people say that an argument fails once it pulls the “Nazi card”, but this sign failed before even becoming an argument.


You can see a lot more photos of the Asian Heritage Celebration over at the Civic Center blog (part two here).