Yes! We are announcing the next TenderNights for August 4, 2011 at Cafe Royale. And you may ask yourself*, “Why are they doing it in ‘Tenderloin Heights’?” And you may ask yourself*, “Why are they announcing this so far in advance?” Well, we are heavily jumping the gun for the simple reason that this time around, we’re doing it in partnership with the good folks of 200 Yards, a photography project which works to place a photographic focus on microhoods throughout San Francisco.

You can read up on the guidelines but basically it works like this: photographers go out and take photos within 200 yards of Cafe Royale, they submit them to the gang at 200 Yards by June 30th, they select from that group, hang the show, and then August 4th there is the opening/soiree/good ole time to be had at Cafe Royale. The show will then stay up through the month of August which is one of the reasons that this is happening much higher up in the general Loin as their display space and hours permit mucho viewing.

Obviously, as the weeks click by, we’ll bug you about deadlines again and have more announcements about what to expect for this TenderNights, but until then, mark your calendars, go out, and be photographically fruitful!

* For those not up on ‘Once in a Lifetime’ by the Talking Heads, have a listen