Photo by The Warholian

Last week we had a great time watching movies at the Phoenix Hotel, by the pool, for the Disposable Film Fest. And this weekend we plan on spending a lot more time by that fantastic pool enjoying the many different shows, panel discussions, live music, video projections and more cool events that are part of the ArtPad fair.

Technically it started yesterday with a VIP preview, but today is the first public day. In the program you’ll find, for example, a panel on California contemporary art in context at 1pm, and live music by The Minks, A San Francisco-based “mostly” all-girl Kinks tribute band. We’re particularly excited about tomorrow’s swimming pool social sculpture and Ever Gold‘s curated evening. Also, if you’re feeling really lazy and want to watch one of the panels from home, there will be livestreaming.

In the press release we received, ArtPad director, Maria Jenson is quoted saying “The Phoenix is the quintessential place to launch an independent art fair. It’s an oasis located in a San Francisco neighborhood that’s on the edge, and for many artists, collectors and enthusiasts, exploring the areas just outside of our comfort zones or what we recognize as familiar, is often the most invigorating way to find hidden treasures.”

So see you in the oasis!

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