Listicle of listicles, the SF Weekly Best of San Francisco came out today and there wasn’t a lot of love for the Tenderloin. Naturally, we didn’t get best blog, which we kinda figured would happen given the reach that SFist has and the number of people who love us vs. the number of people who hate us. But we’re sure if there was an honorable mention category in there, we’d totally be all over it.

Otherwise, some things that should have been a shoo in, such as “Best Banh Mi” went to a joint in the Inner Richmond, which I declare a disgrace until I get out there some day to actually try it. Of course, “Best Under $5 Meal” went to Saigon Sandwiches, so I guess there’s some condolence to be had there.

“Best Pickup Bar” was gifted to Hemlock Tavern, so that was cool if you like picking people up and the drinking, which people in SF seem to do more of than watching Giants games. “Best New Tenderloin Bar” went to Mister Lew’s which is solid, although it’s bizarre that they actually have a bar category for just for the Tenderloin.

Of the whole list (and admittedly, I might have missed something since I got bored and started scanning at some point) the best Tenderbit was 941 Geary getting “Best New Art Gallery“. Justin has been pumping out some great galleries and even greater exhibits for some time, so it was badass to see some recognition for the work.

Otherwise, better luck next year Loin…