Since this year it was the 100th Bay to Breakers we sucked it up and got up at the crack of dawn (actually, it was still dark when the alarm clock went off), and we headed down to see the race. Actually, one of us even ran it and all (under 1:20!).

This year’s race seemed tamer, probably due to the crackdown on alcohol, but even before 7:00am we saw people in costumes around our neighborhood such as the ones pictured above that I spotted on Geary at Hyde as soon as I left the house. Unfortunately, we didn’t see anyone dressed as a tenderloin (only a group of bacon slices).

Speaking of the crackdown on alcohol, although everyone in the race proper seemed to be drinking Vitamin water or Gatorade, we saw tons of police (some of them on bicycles!) snatching beers and other alcoholic beverages off of the racers hands and dumping them on the drain. Others were making the runners dump the beer themselves, like naughy children.

Of course, this prompted a lot of references in the choice of costumes, such as groups dressed as sexy cops, alcohol checkpoints or the sobriety tent below.

We were expecting some Bin Laden-related costumes, but didn’t spot any. On the other hand, several groups were paying tribute to Charlie Sheen’s winning obsession.

And last but not least, another favorite costume choice was the hideous hat worn by Princess Beatrice at William and Kate’s royal wedding.