As you all know, it was Bike to Work Day today, which came nearly a month and a half after we all enjoyed a Walk to Work Day. Does this mean the other 363 days of the year are Drive to Work days or is there a Be Late to Work Day to promote usage of Muni and other such days that we don’t know about?

Anyways, we’re sure that like us, you saw the throngs of cyclists all over the city this morning, happily cycling to work like there was no tomorrow and enjoying all the “energizer stations” spread around town. And among them was, of course, our illustrious D6 supe Jane Kim. But not on her own like most everyone else, but in a tandem led by one lucky Bike Coalition staff member named Peter Masiak.

You see, Jane Kim told the crowds today that being a “city girl” she never learned how to ride a bike. We assume she did learn how to wear fashionable clothes and heels, which she sported on the tandem bike for the enjoyment of the Dressup Challenge judges and bloggers alike (such as Fog City Journal where we took these two photos from, or Mission Local who took the detail of her red shoes). Obviously, you can see how much everyone is in to her political work as an official which is uh… non-pledge centric I guess.

In case you wanted to see some more photos of the Bike to Work Day events at the Civic Center, Fog City Journal has quite the spread. Also, if you like biking around San Francisco consider doing it every day. Streetsblogs SF has a nice overview of the increased bike infrastructure you can now enjoy in this city.