Crispy Tofu

While we still stand by the awesome that is lers ros and the suck that is Thai House Express, our post on other thai options had a number of people recommend Bang San to us and so we were itching to try it. The other day, after the Indoor Mural show at 941 Geary, we got over ourselves and had dinner there.

An interior so awesome

We don’t get the interior as it seems to be a mishmash of items that were left over/brought from their previous location where The Wilson is now, combined with a few things from a grandma’s living room in South East Asia circa 1979. But, we’ve never been the kind of people to not go somewhere based on the interior (case in point, The Castle Triangle).

What we did “get” were the appetizers we ordered. Those we got very, very well. These “Crispy Tofu” (top photo) were pretty awesome, and most of our fellow diners seem to agree as that’s what most of them were having. While made with tofu and thus immediately suspect for not being meat, it was impossible to stop popping them in to our mouths with great ferocity. On some level, they’re probably healthy despite the deep frying (or not…).

Kang Dang Pumpkin

For mains, we had the “Kang Dang Pumpkin” curry you see above and the “Pad Gra Pow” with chicken that you see below, which is usually the barometer by which we judge all Thai restaurants.

Pad Gra Pow

The Pad Gra Pow was solid overall and on a par with the dishes at the better Thai joints around. Nice and spicy, but also a good batch of flavors. The Kang Dang Pumpkin wasn’t as great. It was okay, but a bit sloshy and not that well defined overall.

Green Tea ice cream

For dessert we had to get the “Green Tea ice cream” with fried bananas given that we go ape shit for that at Pagolac. This… was disappointing. The bananas weren’t so fresh and the green tea ice cream was one of the lower quality ones we’ve had, so we’d probably advise folks to skip that one.

Overall, we’d place it in the level under lers ros where Zen Yai and Ar Roi sit. It’s good, but not mind-blowing good. The plus side to it being that everything on the menu is available in vegetarian and Halal versions. And that’s a welcome option for those searching for it.