Do you remember this awesome shark on Hemlock Alley, by aptly-named artist Shark Toof?

Photo by Bhautik Joshi

Last night we saw it being replaced by this cool running rabbit, by well-known street artist ROA (you can see the finished bunny here, as shot by eagle-eyed Tenderloiner Generik11).

The mural was installed to mark the end of his amazing show at White Walls Gallery tomorrow. As sad as we are to see the badass shark go, this guy is pretty awesome too. And the fact that wannabe mayor and Polk street meddler David Villa-Lobos called it “awful, cheesy and blight to the neighborhood” in an email yesterday, only makes us like it more.

If you’re interested in seeing more of ROA’s eye-catching murals of animals painted across buildings throughout the world, check out his Flickrstream or this site.


When we passed by Hemlock this afternoon we saw the artist working on the mural again, adding a leash and some finishing touches on the bunny’s fur. Not only he told us that he’ll be putting a few more murals up before he leaves San Francisco on Monday (two of them in the Mission, others to be decided), but the Justin Giarla, the owner of White Walls Gallery, told us that tomorrow they’re having a closing party from 6 to 8pm and you’re all invited.