For those who may have missed it (as you probably do it everyday anyway) Walk San Francisco had their Trendyloin walk yesterday, taking people on a short walking tour through the Tenderloin, Tendernob, and Nob Hill. As you can see from the photo set posted on Facebook most of them were dressed up in full North Face attire, hats, backpacks and hiking boots as if they were going to take on Half Dome. They also didn’t really delve in the actual heart of Loinland (the OC level is rather high as of late afterall), but that’s how it goes.

While we’re big fans of walking in San Francisco, we didn’t make it out to the “event” as we were busy walking elsewhere for free and being nearly hit by those who still insist on driving in the city.

If any of our dear Tender readers tagged along for the walk, do let us know how it went.