On April 17 (and until August 8), the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (MOCA) unveiled a much awaited and talked about exhibit about graffiti and street art from the 1970s to today. It’s no secret that we love street art, especially Tenderloin street art. So when we heard that in conjunction with MOCA’s “Art in the Streets” exhibit, the 941 Geary Gallery got a bunch of well-known street artists to put up pieces inside their 3,000 square foot space, we had to go check it out.

So for the last month artists have been coming and going, working on the “Indoor Mural Project” on the walls of the gallery without being disturbed or harassed by anyone. We saw the final result of this interesting collaborative project, which was part installation and part exhibition, at the closing party last Saturday. The lineup included lots of familiar names around here: Hugh Leeman, D Young V, Eddie Colla, HUSH, Brett Amory, Blek le Rat, Casey Gray, EINE, ROA, APEX, Chor Boogie, Alex Eremian, Kofie One, Eric Otto, Skinner and more. Here are a few photos we took for your enjoyment.