For the past year or two, dancer and choreographer Amara Tabor-Smith has been hosting peculiar food parties of sorts in various places, including the Tenderloin National Forest. Back in September, I had the pleasure of meeting her there in one of them, which she dubbed “Fresh from the oven” because of the outdoor pizza oven which is a community oven for the neighborhood’s enjoyment. She made pizza, a delicious Brazilian bean stew called feijoada and a couple of other things. Some other people also brought food they made, and we all spent the afternoon talking about food in the ‘forest’, sharing stories and later listening to live music.

As it turns out, all those food parties were part of Amara’s research for a show she was working on titled “Our Daily Bread“, a multimedia exploration of personal food traditions through dance, music, theater, video, storytelling and cooking. It was presented at CounterPulse from April 14-24 and I was lucky enough to enjoy one of the sold out performances last weekend, which was a blast. The audience laughed, cried, ate, sang and danced with the performers in a shared creative journey that was truly unique.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you to go see the show (or rather, to experience it) because it’s over, and sadly it only ran for a bit over a week. But it was such a huge success that I hope they’ll perform it again soon. Also, I’m somehow hoping the “Fresh from the oven” parties at the Tenderloin National Forest will resume in some form or another. In the meantime, enjoy a few photos from the show. The last one is part of a beautiful installation in the lobby of of CounterPulse in which people were asked to write down their favorite foods (or the ones they feel the most strongly about). I’m wondering, dear Tender readers, what are your favorite foods? I guess mine would be, hmmm, my mom’s paella.