Just to further prove there’s a car threatdown that exists in this neighborhood with drivers who don’t have a clue, we were walking back from a rather abysmal HOC Farmers’ Market and stopped at the corner of McAllister & Hyde just across the street from of UC Hastings. Blasting through the red light on McAllister came a guy driving a brand new Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey quickly became “new no more” as it got t-boned by a Nissan Altima that had just started to drive in to the intersection on his green light. The impact looks to have totaled the Altima and pretty much junked the Odyssey while in the process sending the later in a wicked 360 spin just like what poser skaters across the street from me can’t land.

Unfortunately for the Bluetooth sporting idiot driving the Odyssey (who would have probably hit us had we stepped in to the crosswalk as soon as it was green) there were a number of cops sitting at the intersection who probably not only witnessed the collision, but were on it in half a second, taking down the details. So, while there are guys like this freely cruising around as if they know the rules of driving, I’m still waiting for the DMV to send me a license that doesn’t have a misprinted, old expiration date on it like they’ve done three times already. Justice, it’s not there.