It was an amazing thing to see Meacham Alley unlocked during the whole Little Bird seating scuffle last month. You see, as far as I’m aware, from the regulations that were handed down, when that gate was installed, given that, no matter how crappy a piece of public property Meacham is, it’s still public property, and as such, the street needed to remain accessible at all times. It was initially, when they neighbors first put in the gate, but as time went on, the gate was left locked more and more with no end of garbage behind the gate that is never cleaned up.

Given that one of these neighbors was the one holding up the Little Bird seating permit and caused that whole problem in the first place (yeah, I know, it’s all supposedly kisses and hugs now…) it’s was suddenly opened, albeit illegally used for the neighbors parking (the entire alley is a No Parking zone). Of course since then, it has been closed all the time, every day, without exception. I guess we should all put “co-opting public space for my own private parking lot” at the top of our Christmas lists this year, as it appears to be a very realistic thing to get.