As you all know, Saigon Sandwiches, hailed by many as having the best bánh mì in the neighborhood (and amongst the best in America!), was recently closed for over a month due to some renovation. They reopened while we were away gallivanting around NYC, so we hadn’t had the chance to check out the new space and bare witness as to whether the sandwiches were still as delicious as before.

That was until yesterday, when we joined the daily faithful lunch crowds to be able to enjoy one of their meatball sandwiches. While we still think the meatball sandwich at Hoang Dat is even better (we usually prefer the roasted pork sandwich at Saigon), it was as tasty as we remembered it. Surprisingly, the three people in front of us all ordered tofu sandwiches independently (and one requested it without any chilies or spice, which just means tofu on bread). Even more surprisingly, only one of dozen or so people buying sandwiches looked like hipsters/loinsters or office workers — it was actually a very diverse crowd.

Overall the space hasn’t changed all that much, besides shortening their hours a bit (now they’re open from 7am to 5pm), making it more functional, cleaner and slightly more modern. The layout is a bit different and there is now a much bigger counter and prep area for the sandwiches, and it also seems that there are more people helping make them, thus speeding up the whole getting-the-sandwich-in-to-my-mouth process. The sign listing their sandwiches has remained the same, except for a little increase in the price: all sandwiches are now $3.25. Still a great deal for what you get.