A few months back, we profiled the furniture of das form bureau and the Tenderlocal behind it, Oliver. Well, for the better part of the last few months, he’s been out in New York City, helping coffeeshop, The Queens Kickshaw build up. Thankfully, they opened just before our visit to NYC, so naturally we had to go check out their offer, as well as Oliver’s handiwork.

As you can see in the shot above, as well as more on The Queens Kickshaw Facebook page, they’ve taken an old space in Astoria and turned it in to what we deem “industrial comfort”, a look we quite enjoy and was masterminded by EcoSystems. A great many items, such as the coffee pour over bar were fabricated in Oliver’s workshop here and then shipped back East for installation. But, he was also on hand to re-purpose the building, adding all kinds of touches including shelves that would withstand a San Francisco earthquake.

But how is the Kickshaw? Awesome. Ben (who lived in San Francisco prior to defecting to a real city) and Jen have created a really great spot with a cozy vibe and a gourmet grilled cheese menu that’s delicious, in addition to solid coffee and beers. In short, a neighborhood spot that anyone from San Francisco who for some reason finds themselves in Astoria, will most likely want to visit and feast upon. Our thanks to the owners who treated us fantastically even before we mentioned that we came to snoop on what Oliver had been doing.