We just got word of a new public art project that is all about spreading random happiness to complete strangers, in a similar vein as Jeff Waldman’s Doors to nowhere that we featured here (twice). For this project, Akin Bilgic wants to create 100+ mirrors like the one below, each with their own inspiring message, and put them up all over the city overnight.

Akin’s hope is that when people walk by and notice them, they stop, take a moment to look at themselves in the mirrors, read the messages, and walk away feeling inspired. Since he wants this project to be as big as possible, he created a Kickstarter page to do some fundraising to be able to buy enough mirrors to cover the whole city. He says he anticipates every mirror to cost around $25-35, hopefully less if he can order them in bulkt. (By the way, if anyone knows of a killer deal on the mirrors please let him know.)

Akin assured us that there will definitely be mirrors in the Tenderloin, but he isn’t exactly sure of where yet. He says the day the mirrors go up he wants to have an online interactive map showing the location of all the mirrors. So far he has raised a decent amount of money, so we’re hoping to see a few mirrors around soon. If you do too, go check out this video presentation and maybe even donate a buck or two.