We’ll have to start calling Leavenworth between Sutter and Post “the kitty block”, with the adorable Vixen hanging out in the alley, the scary cat watching people from the window at the corner of the block. And now we have this guy:

A neighbor who is a fan of Vixen (I mean, who isn’t?) had told us about this cat a few days ago, he seemed lost and unable to get back into his apartment. So our neighbor opened the window and helped him get back in. The next day, we spotted him ourselves, hanging out on the ledge with a scared look in his face. So we did the same thing, and he happily returned to his place. We assume that he’s figuring out how to slither his way out of the window, but the return trip is proving to be elusive to his cat logic.


Tender friend grrlinthecity sent another great picture of the “escape artist” kitty while presumably caught in the act of escaping:

>Update 2

We just got an email from a friend of the cat’s owner telling us that his name is Rhodes and that it seems that he actually succeeded in his escape plans as he’s been missing for a couple of days. Any information on his whereabouts would be much appreciated.