We’re too old, unhip, and rhythmically challenged to go to clubs, so we’ve never been to Noble at the corner of Polk and Turk (although we hear they have a great VIP service with its own private bathrooms). So it comes as no surprise that we didn’t notice this sign until last week, announcing a new happy hour and lunch menu (I have no idea since when they’ve had it, though). I’m not sure why I would want to eat lunch at a club, but if you were so inclined you can download it here.

Basically their menu features a broad range of nibbles typically found at clubs or lounges like the Ambassador or Infusion. The offer includes such items as: sliders, fish and chips, charcuterie plates, roastbeef sandwich and mushroom risotto. Their happy hour menu is a sort of reduced version of the lunch menu, but we hear that they have $3 beers and $5 wines until 7pm.

If you’ve been to Noble, please share your experiences in the comments.