One of the best things about the Tenderloin is that besides being in the center of so much great (and cheap) food, it’s also in the center of culture for the city. Yeah, most might not like to admit it, but such cultural institutions like the SF Symphony, Opera, and Ballet are just across the street on Van Ness. They’re also quite good and we took some time off from smashing tandoori in our faces to check out Program 6 that runs until tomorrow at the ballet.

For those who might think that ballet is crap, but have never been, the mixed programs are a good way to kind of test out the waters and, if you’re a dude, to impress a lady on a date, unless of course you get the nose bleed seats, in which case, don’t bother. Overall, the SF Ballet tries to walk that fine line between being modern and slightly edgy (for dance mind you), while still nodding to the classic elements of ballet. Sometimes this works and other times it doesn’t. Program 6 is a good show in that there’s a classic/modern piece in Ghosts, a classic piece in 7 for Eight, and then a strictly modern piece in Chroma (pictured here), which sports an orchestral arrangement of White Stripes music.

It’s definitely true that the age range in the War Memorial Building drifts heavily to the white-haired, but those of us who don’t qualify for senior discounts we need to educate ourselves and attend more of these types of events lest our cultural legacy be Rebecca Black. As a “good to know” note, if you go and your date is totally in to it, but you’re not, just admire the dancers’ gorgeous physiques and how much they’re not like Natalie Portman’s screaming nutjob performance in Black Swan.

The season ends in the next couple of days, so you’re stuck waiting until next year if you want in on some classic dancery. So hurry up.