While touring the High Line, an awesome public park built on a 1.45-mile-long elevated rail structure in NYC, we spotted some semi-peeled off art on a wall of the Meatpacking district (no Castro-related jokes please) that seemed familiar.

Upon getting closer we confirmed that those were (the remains) of some of our friend Hugh Leeman‘s famous portraits of Tenderloin residents. He then told us that he put them up there more than a year ago, so he was stoked to learn they are still there.

Hugh also let us know that, after years of courageously resisting friends’ pressure to join Facebook, he has finally created a page to keep people updated of his latest works and shows (such as the Indoor Mural Project at 941 Geary, on view until April 23) . So if you like his art as much as we do, go ‘like’ it.