In case you didn’t get enough corginess from our last Doggie of the Week Chimichanga, here comes another one to indulge your corgi needs. Meet Mr Kilgore Trout:

He’s two years-old and is also known in the street as Baby K since one of the owner’s friends could never remember his actual name. We’re assuming this is his rapper outfit, unless it’s his beach bathrobe.

Owner Jenny tells us that he was a surprise birthday present from her ex-boyfriend when he was only 8 weeks old and looking totally adorable like in this picture:

Mr Kilgore Trout can be seen around the TenderNob, where he resides, or stalked on Facebook. Jenny also explains that Mr Kilgore’s hobbies include chasing pigeons, FRAP (frantic random acts of play), torturing his feline sister Nibbler, play dates with his pal Henry, visits to Chrissy Field and Fort Funston. Oh, and belly rubs, of course.

If you, too, want your own little doggie to show off on Facebook and invading your sofa, these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.