There was an article from last Sunday on the Chron by The Cocktalian that mused about drinks named after neighborhoods. It happens a bit in New York, but San Francisco has apparently been devoid of any neighborhood-themed drinks.

There may be some floating around out there for a random locale or two, but when I thought about the Tenderloin, I realized that despite everything about it and all the bars in it, there isn’t a “Tenderloin” cocktail. Koko’s menu had one awhile back, but (and my pardons to Lori, Justin, and Chris) it was a rough mix. Other than that, I can’t really think of a “Tenderloin” popping up anywhere, although I will happily stand nap corrected if proven wrong.

So, with all the “mixology” in this hood, can someone come up with a “Tenderloin” and if so, what’s the recipe? Oh and before you say it, the commentors on that Chron article already beat you to the, “Mix one part urine with two parts crack rock” type of smartass ideas, although I did have to laugh about “the NIMBY – same recipe as a Buttered Nipple, only the cream, like human kindness, is curdled”