Dear Tender Readers, we’re happy to report that we’ve managed to weather well-meaning friends in New York hell-bent on destroying our livers to come back to (somewhat) sunnier San Francisco after a week away. Naturally, while there, we had to run around the original Tenderloin in the US. “What?”, you probably aren’t asking, “There was another Tenderloin?” Yes, like many things on the West Coast, the term “Tenderloin” did not start here but on the East Coast. Tenderloin the First was an area bounded by 5th Ave, 42nd St, 7 Ave, and 23rd St which meant it was right in the heart of Manhattan, just like our beloved district of many an adjective.

But what happened to Tenderloin the First? Well, this thing called the Empire State building got plunked down in the middle of it, as well as well as Penn Station. Still, a great many original buildings in the area have remained as the neighborhood changed. These things can and do indeed happen in cities, although admittedly, once back, our Tenderloin has stayed much as how we left it last week and we now appreciate it even more. Onwards and Loinward!