Seeing as how I’m officially On Strike from Muni (really, I am), I walked 3.5 miles back home last night after having an expensive, crap meal in Noe Valley surrounded by all that I hate about San Francisco. Apparently I was getting a jump on “Walk to Work” day, which is every year on the first Friday of April.

Naturally, you wouldn’t know it given all that flappity flap going around the web for April Fool’s Day (seriously people, either be insanely original and funny or stop fucking doing it) but both events didn’t slip past our illustrious supe Jane Kim who decided to walk to work from Civic Center (as pictured below). You might be thinking, “Wait, doesn’t she work at Civic Center?” When she’s working and actually checking her voicemail instead of being late to meetings, yes, she does indeed work at Civic Center. So she both celebrated April Fool’s Day and mocked alternative transportation methods in the same breath. How’s that for multi-tasking!

Photo from Walk San Francisco's Facebook Page