Meet Chimichanga, the most awesomely named doggie in the neighborhood:

As you can see, he’s a very happy doggie who loves cuddling with his mommy (who even has a ring with his face on it). Yes, you’ve guessed it, Chimi is a bit of a mama’s boy. That’s because he’s still very young (he’s only 9 months old) and since he grew up in a quiet farm in Northern California, he’s still getting used to how noisy and scary life in the big city is. Surprisingly, he gets along with his older “sister” Sassy (kind of), who loves the street much more than he does.

Like most furry guys, he’s not a fan of the heat either. Here you can see how big his tongue is when he’s panting after a walk in this weather.

We’re big fans of Corgies, so we love bumping into Chimi around the neighborhood. He’s a bit stressy when he’s outdoors, though, so it’s best to catch him lounging around Kokoro Studio owned by his parents. That’s where you’ll find him most every day during their opening hours, either sleeping on his mommy’s lap, looking cute in his doggie corner or playing with his toys. Additionally, you can also stalk him on Facebook.

If you, too, want your own little doggie to show off on Facebook and keep you company at art shows, these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.