The foreign fashion correspondent recommends
Jason P at F:Art (am I alone in thinking that this should really be a rap song? Anyone? Rappers in the Loin?)

The word (on the street, of course)
-Wednesday, March 30th, Jason P at farm:table‘s One Night Show, f:art, 7pm to 9pm, be there or be round.
-The, so called, gist : Tenderlocal (I really think we should TM this term) Jason P is exhibiting his work at farm:table.

What work, you may ask, dear reader?
Ok, more gist: Jason P, a former volcanologist (a what?) turned designer (he now designs volcanoes?) who tries to make pretty things (I like pretty things) that he hopes people will like (his words, not mine, but good ones). Oh and I got the word (from the farm:table Facebook evite fan event page thing) that he creates connections between science and art (S:Art?) and endeavors to draw attention to the details in daily life (ah, life…) to reveal the inherent beauty (here? in the Loin?) of the tangible world (of stuff, basically).

Good. All your questions will be answered. Just come and see Jason P’s (in case there were any doubts, a good and dear friend) work, he’ll be there of course, there’ll be drinks, of course, and a whole lot of tender locals, of course, wearing tender fashion in the most tender part of the nobberloin.

So once more with feeling: J in the F:T doing the F:Art on the W at 7 to the 9 with the Booze in the TL on the Post. Yo!

He also dresses real nice.