This morning I came across the most bizarre sight of a worker cutting a garage-sized hole in to the side of what had previously been the wall of a small, nice building at 883 Sutter Street. In most instances, this would leave a large, gaping hole, except that this garage-sized hole exposed a ready-to-use garage on the other side of it.

Some time back, in front of this 1921 building, the sidewalk was altered to create a garage access ramp, which went directly in to a wall. Well, it appears that the joke was on the unsuspecting, as secretly, the owner of this address (who appears to have purchased it sometime in 2010 for $1.2 million) was refining garage-grade construction for a future point at which it would be unleashed upon the neighborhood. That day is today and the garage door is replete with the, “You park in front of my garage, I’ll tow your ass, tow it good! Here’s the number of the towing company.” message.

And yes, this all appears to be permit-proper as there was one filed two years ago to the day, to do this very construction and it was approved by SFFD et al. Just weird that there was no sign ever posted in the front of the building acknowledging the legality of said work… With a recorded $300,000 in additional work, it seems that this is now a private residence?


This evening, I bumped in to the actual owner of this building and chatted with him for a bit. He has indeed turned it in to a residence after a storied past of being a bar, store, and a number of other things. The façade has pretty nothing historical to it and in fact the doors weren’t even in that space originally. All told, he has about 4,000 square feet of space it in now with a few more updates in the works. Even if he decides to use it as super hero lair, I’m just thrilled that it’s not becoming yet another AoA building or SRO hotel. So, it appears we are to welcome our newest single family dwelling to the Tenderloin/Nob area.