Sometimes we find interesting articles that we want to share here, but which somehow fall through the cracks. Here are some of those juicy bits that have been laying around our drafts for far too long…

  • SEIU1021, the largest city employees union that wields substantial political influence, is opposing he controversial proposed tax break for companies such as Twitter to move to the Mid-Market are. Their proposal so they’ll be happier with the legislation: to carve the Tenderloin out of the plan. Probably because there are so many hotels here, but mainly because SEIU loves shit and fucking with it. [City Insider]
  • Do you know what tourists hate most about San Francisco? Take a wild guess. According to a survey by the SF Travel Association, it’s panhandlers. And you probably thought it was a lack of parking, poor you. [The Snitch]
  • Now guess what issue San Franciscans rated as the city’s top problem in a poll by the Chamber of Commerce. Beating out jobs and the economy, Muni and eduction, people said it’s… homelessness. I know, I’m as shocked as you are. Maybe we should have the homeless drive Muni and teach the kids, thus stimulating the economy and killing four birds with one stone. [City Insider]
  • Jane Kim is looking to eliminate commissions/task forces to save money. This guy‘s favorite is the Shopping Cart Task Force. Obviously we’re gonna have to start saving somehow while handing out selective tax breaks to corporations. [The Snitch]
  • Apparently an ice-cream vendor in Staten Island sold huge quantities of oxycodone out of his Lickety Split truck. But in the TL the dealers don’t need to disguise themselves to sell OCs, they just sell them out in the open. Are they going to be exempted from taxes for the foot traffic their business brings to the area as well? [New York Post]
  • Although the controversial sit-lie ordinance was to be enforced by February, a couple of weeks ago it was reported that it was stalled due to a print shop delay (in printing with the multilingual cards which officers will present to people they make contact with as part of the enforcement). Then a week ago the police seemingly started enforcing it in the Haight, but without citations. Until today it doesn’t really look like it’s being enforced in the TL… as that would constitute SFPD actually doing some work in this area. [Examiner (1), (2)]
  • Speaking of sit-lie’s lack of enforcement in the TL, it might be because of the innovative approach of some of our dear neighbors. We will get you yet, you scofflaw with Prop O: The Anti Office Furniture Re-use Policy [The Tens]
  • Apparently the owner of Burmese Kitchen buys laphet, the fermented tea leaves which serve as a base for the famous tea leaf sald, directly from a small farm in Burma and carries them back himself, making multiple trips in a year. His tea leaf salad, which features unchopped leaves, is considered by some as one of the most authentic in San Francisco. We are no experts, but when we tried it we found it to be quite tasty. [SF Chronicle]
  • According to Scoutmob readers, The Tender is one of the local blogs they “can’t get enough of”. Something else from Scoutmob that recently made us very happy: a 50% discount code for the awesome Leftovers consignment store on Sutter (home of the three-legged kitteh). We just got ourselves some super-duper cheap, fancy shelves… [Scoutmob Finds, Scoutmob Deals]

Keep it Real picture by Erik Wilson, from The Tender’s Flickr pool.