A month ago we wrote about the launch of a cool street art project by Jeff Waldman consisting of installing tiny doors to nowhere around the streets of San Francisco. Back then he had installed the first one on Fern Alley, off of Polk on the Van Ness side. That became one of our most viewed articles ever, so it looks like people really enjoyed the idea of finding “unexplained portals” around the city.

Since then a Jeff has installed a few more door that you can see in the gallery below. There are two by Anna Efanova on Valencia and 14th & 17th, and one by Jason Hemmerle on St George Alley off Bush between Grant and Kearny (which is a safe bank vault door made from an old snowboard binding, a hubcap, household hardware, a bike lock, scrap wood, a cabinet, and shower faucets).

But the one that we’re most interested in is, of course, the one closest to us. This one, pictured above, is made by Jeff himself and can be found on Fern Alley like his first one –but on the other side of Polk, by Larkin. Jeff says he didn’t meant to hang it so close to his other one but he really wanted to put it in the TL and after scouting around, the best spot happened to be there. In Jeff’s opinion, “The TL is good for those little cubby holes I like that blend new mounting to old architecture”. Plus, he adds “I live on Leavenworth and California so wandering downhill is easier when I’m hungover”.

In this closeup of Jeff’s latest door you’ll notice a brown smear on the ledge, which he says it’s human feces because no dog would go there up in a weird spot. Also, if you look at the first picture, the shitter smeared it by hand above the arch. Ew, not pretty. But Jeff says it’s a nice contrast and that “it works”.

>Update 3/28

Apparently, now one of the doors by Anna Efanova in the Mission is gone and the one on Valencia and 14th now looks like this.

(All pictures by The Tender except the doors by Anna Efanova)