According to this article quoting a real news agency, rents are looking to head up nationwide, making “average monthly rent over $800”. Naturally, the author goes on to say something tinged with a hint of ass:

Of course, when we see that number, we San Franciscans raise a skeptical brow. $800? Maybe for a kitchen-less studio in the ‘Loin.

Um… anyone able to find an $800 studio in the Tenderloin these days? Beyond the whole Twitter-move-in-and-hood-go-boom news, rents in the Tenderloin have been steadily going up and will continue to do so. This $800 figure is a load of crap, even a search on Craigslist will only turn up a couple of SRO’s at anywhere near that price.

My building rents one bedrooms for a bit over $1800 now. I know a friend paying $2200 for a two bedroom at Post & Leavenworth that he moved in to two years ago. Another friend pays the same for a place on Geary & Larkin. So seriously, “affordable Loin”? What say you?

(Yes, that shot above is an open house for a one bedroom renting for $2,950. It’s up on Jackson in Nob Hill, but seriously, WTF?)