For those who managed to get a full night of sleep last night in spite of the storm, you missed out a good deal of wind and mother nature reminding us who’s the bitch (hint: it’s us). Strolling around today, we came across a couple large branches that had cracked off on Geary between Leavenworth & Hyde. It didn’t seem to cause any damage other than eliciting “damn” from causal observers who saw it after the fact.

It turns out that a sign fell down at Mason & O’Farrell as well which, if it was the “Self Parking” sign on that mega lot down there, I say about time. Park your own damn cars!

> Update

It appears that the sign that fell was the very large Hotel Virginia sign on the side of that building. Tender reader Sean (whose children will grow up with the eyes of an eagle and the heart of a leopard) sent in some phone pics he took: