If one is to ascribe to the Tenderloin being San Francisco’s “colorful” neighborhood, then H. Brown would be the most vibrant crayon in the box. And although we might not always agree with him, we surely enjoy seeing his comments spice up any article and blog post on local politics.

As thoroughly covered by Mike over at the Civic Center blog, we get a telling glimpse inside the public comments portion of the Twitter-Gate tax break hearings last Wednesday. Basically, Randy Shaw got up gave his two minute spiel (described by Mike as “a testimonial to his own fabulousness”), which consisted of such gems as “Gentrification. We’ve stopped gentrification. Our problem is we can’t get any investment. We are a neighborhood starved for investment.” and “…we also passed the rezoning of the Tenderloin to stop commercial development, to stop all tourist development…” (See the full transcript here.)

Which all comes from the mouth of someone wanting to establish a Tenderloin Museum (excuse me, an Uptown Tenderloin Museum) as well as lead poverty safaris through the area.

H. Brown was not to hear of this bullshit and ran down to City Hall to give his impassioned and quite awesome two minutes response to Randy Shaw, once again brilliantly described by Mike as “one of the most pointed and entertaining public eviscerations that’s ever been heard in that room”:

Apparently, after that Randy Shaw stormed out of the room. Truth hurts, I guess.

Many thanks to Bluoz for pointing us to the awesome videos.